Next Steps…

Congratulations! You are now able to use the Align’d Techniques on Yourself and Others!


Where do we go from here?


Get the most out of the course material…

  • Feel free to use the tools and techniques presented within your scope of practice. Everyone can benefit.
  • Freshening up on your orthopedic or musculoskeletal assessment texts and manuals is highly recommended.
  • Read the recommended books for more detailed information on posture and movement correction as well as the resources listed throughout the manual.
  • There is a homework guide in the Workbook that you can also use as recommendations for clients.
  • To become an Align’d Foundations Practitioner complete all quizzes with a grade of 70% or higher and 3 case studies to submit  to Sheryl Gill.


 PEP Talks   

We’ve taken the most common barriers that our clients come into clinic to improve and created online courses.  They are set up in a self-directed coaching format so that you can work at your pace to suit your own schedule.  You have access to all material and videos to repeat or review when you need a refresher.



If you’d like to study at a much more in-depth level, enquire about enrolling to become an ALIGN’D Manual Practitioner (AMP).  It’s an intensive 6-month program to learn the entire system made up of the specialized curriculum.  We dive deeply into the posture & movement modules to discover the 13 Systems & dimensions of The ALIGN’D Approach in detail.  Following is a list of all the ALIGN’D modules which are presented in an advanced program by both virtual classroom and in-person, live Lab format.  The Foundation course is a prerequisite to enrolling in the ALIGN’D Academy.

For more information please go to:


 The ALIGN Systems Advocate Program: 

For over 20 years our best clients have come to us by word of mouth.  We appreciate those who advocate for us and what we do.  There really is nothing like a recommendation from a friend or associate who we trust; this is how we build a supportive community.  With each committed sign up to the 1 year ALIGN Academy program you will earn a $500 bonus at the third month mark.

The ALIGN Systems Program is perfect for:

  • Health care professionals                                        Acupuncturists
  • Yoga and Pilates instructors                                    Physical and occupational therapists
  • Massage therapists                                                  Chiropractors
  • Nurses                                                                       Personal trainers
  • Energy Workers                                                        Naturopaths
  • Teachers                                                                    Athletes and fitness enthusiasts
  • Models and entertainers
  • People enthusiastic about helping others
  • People yearning to be more comfortable in their bodies and relationships
  • People seeking personal relief from a variety of conditions and symptoms
  • People disappointed or frustrated with yo-yo results
  • Those who want to overcome limiting mental, physical, social and relationship barriers
  • People looking for a reliable system to train others locally or globally
  • People with an entrepreneurial spirit who want to have their own full-blown or side business in health and wellness and to profit financially by helping others
Achievers  *  Athletes   *   Aspirers   *   Artists

Our goal is to expand globally, and we will be looking for teachers who share our passion and vision.  Future ALIGN System facilitators will be chosen from students who have graduated from the ALIGN Academy Program.

Not everyone wants to be a practitioner… Stay Tuned for the ALIGN Systems Personal Transformation RETREATS!!  Coming Soon!!