Cranial-Facial & Cervical Alignment: Trauma and Tension

It will give you the Confidence and Competence

to have a roadmap to the root cause of the dysfunction at your finger tips as a therapist

Almost every person we see has cranial-facial-cervical involvement that goes unassessed and untreated by most healthcare professionals. Not only will you learn how to measure the effects of dysfunction, but you will also be able to see your clients transform and improve in front of your eyes.

By popular demand, we’ve created a series of advanced courses!  We’ll be deep-diving into the theory, assessment and treatment of specific conditions by body regions.  The first one is Cranial-Facial & Cervical Alignment: It looks at Form and addresses compressions, postural distortion and asymmetry from the collarbones up.

Learn how Dana’s personal experiences (multiple concussions and whiplash from car accidents and sports injuries, ADD, brain hemorrhage, 6 days in the NeuroIntensive Care Unit, dental retainers, root canal, broken teeth, TMJ dysfunction, deviated septum and hyoid removal and re-sectioning of her speaking and swallowing muscles) shaped her professional experience and drives her passion for resolving cranial-facial & cervical trauma and injuries so that the effects aren’t lasting.

>  This course is limited to those who have a professional designation as a health care practitioner such as a Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Massage Therapy, Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Athletic Therapy etc OR have done the Align’d Academy.

Learn how cranial-facial & cervical dysfunction impacts your HEALTH
both mentally and physically
and limits your Ultimate High-Performance Capacity

This course will uplevel your competence and confidence when addressing specific problems, conditions and imbalances like…

  • facial asymmetry, facial pain, cranial and facial vaults, suture restrictions, sinuses
  • headaches, migraines
  • eye pressure, eye innervation, eye tracking or cross-eyed, equilibrium (i.e. eye posture)
  • torticollis, degenerative discs, cervical/spinal stenosis
  • whiplash (including to the eye), MS, tactile defensiveness, hypersensitivity, trigeminal neuralgia, Bell’s palsy
  • tongue thrust, tongue tie, tooth trauma including braces and post-dental, clenching, grinding or repeated stress on the jaw and teeth
  • mouth breathing, swallowing and speech disorders, TMJ dysfunction, fractures (socket, jaw), mandible misalignment (bite problems)
  • hearing problems that accompany TMJ and sinus issues, understanding tinnitus
  • post-concussion syndrome, traumatic brain injury, post-stroke, post-seizure, post-infection
  • sleep-wake issues (brain stem)
  • inflammation, congestion and pressure problems
  • nerve injury or tension on any of the 12  pairs of cranial nerves
  • consequences of calcification

This course is limited to those who have a professional designation as a health care practitioner such as a Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Massage Therapy, Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Athletic Therapy etc OR have done the Align’d Academy.

An Align’d Approach Assessment provides insight into posture, movement and function in each of the body’s 24 anatomical zones, planes, and axes to give you unique information about your client.  The Magic is In the Math.  It’s a method to real, measurable progress, with visual, palpable and kinesthetic results. We use scientific principles that work with physics, geometry and biomechanics to help the body to function correctly and improve overall health in 13 different systems.

To the untrained eye it seems complicated and complex – perhaps even chaotic. To the trained eye that can decode and translate this information it acts as a trail of bread crumbs to the root cause.  It does not make assumptions based only on subjective symptoms or conditions which are not always reliable because the body is great at hiding its wounds and injuries.

With Align’d, you will see exactly where a clients unique restrictions are. You’ll be able to measure ongoing progress and see how close (or how far) they are from achieving their goal.  Clients think it’s magic but it comes down to the math of the human body and math problems always have SOLUTIONS.

Start the journey into your next level of results and success!

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Next Steps – For those of you who want more and are raring to go…

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