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Foundations – Form & Function:

Engaging the Foot and Core Activation

Welcome to the New online portion of the Align’d Foundations Course!   You now have the opportunity to review the course materials in advance of your live Lab portion so that you can familiarize yourself with key concepts.  There are also lots of references and resources if you’d like to deep dive into the research that we’ve discovered along the way.

You may be doing this course for your own personal growth and development – perhaps you are a client who is curious about how your practitioner does what they do or maybe you are a practitioner who is searching for a more complete way to treat your clients.  You can certainly use the material to educate yourself and be content to leave it there.  However, the next level to consider would be to complete the course including the quizzes and then submit 3 case studies to become an Align’d Foundations Practitioner (AFP).  This is also a prerequisite to becoming an Align’d Manual Practitioner after completing the Align’d Academy.

Enjoy and we look forward to meeting you in person for Lab day. Happy discovery!