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Beyond the Bullied Brain & Body

In life, we all encounter many obstacles and barriers – no one is immune.  These challenges can either stop you in your tracks or they can become building blocks to propel you to new heights.  We’ve designed a series of PEP Talks to help overcome some of the different themes that run in the background controlling your every step.  Now you can access these simple step-by-step strategies which when implemented have profound results to give the new direction, clarity and momentum required so you can go the distance.

We approach every PEP Talk like a new adventure.  First, we’re going to Navigate and then Recalibrate.  Navigation tells us where we are at present.  It then shows us our course and outlines the science and the skills, as well as the planning and prioritization required to get from your personal A to B most efficiently and effectively.  Some people are thrown off course by a shocking event.  For others, it’s a slow drift.  Either way, Recalibration helps us get back on course – ALIGN’D is that compass.

Bullying is a hot topic these days.  It isn’t always blatant and brutal – it can also be subtle and insidious.  Not to mention, we often bully and or victimize ourselves with poor self-talk and self-sabotaging behaviors that hold us back and prevent us from doing what we want to do and being who we want to be.   Often our egos can be our own worst enemy.  Resolving this issue creates a new sense of self-responsibility and self-respect that helps us to overcome the struggle and suffering that holds us hostage in our own lives.

New science shows that we’re born with a natural impulse for empathy but our experiences shape us and can leave lasting imprints if left unchecked.  Unfortunately, we can learn undesirable behaviors to become victims or bullies and lose that natural inclination.  We adopt either offensive behavior (the bully) or become offended (the victim). The good news is that we can also unlearn these extremes.

We’ll walk you through step by step.  You can listen to the Audio, or if you prefer reading, jump right into the lessons starting with the Navigate section but both are available to you at your leisure.