The Align’d Foundations Course:

Align & Activate the Foot & Core


Give yourself and your clients access to your ultimate high-performance capacity and the confidence to take on every aspect of life.

The Foundations Course delivers all of the foundational concepts of The Align’d Approach—a gentle, accessible, measurable approach to aligning the body and mind.

In this transformative course, you’ll dive deep into the intricacies of foot form and function. Learn how to align your feet for optimal stability, mobility, and strength.  Whether you’re an athlete aiming to enhance your performance, a fitness enthusiast seeking to prevent injuries, or simply someone who wants to move with grace and ease, this course is for you.

It may be an introductory course, but it’s power-packed with the “bricks and mortar” to rebuild your body from the bottom up and get rid of the cracks in the foundation!  In the world of movement, every step begins with the foundation of your feet and your ability to activate and engage your core.

manual therapist working on a client's foot

What you’ll get

Get the whole view of the 13 systems that incorporate movement and posture planes and how they relate to the body and mind, as you…

  • Correct your posture and mobility, so you leave feeling stronger and more physically at ease
  • Put an end to frustration and yo-yo results that leave your head spinning
  • Build endurance and stamina to take on pressure, tension and stress in new ways
  • Increase confidence, motivation and resilience
  • Align your purpose and focus to reduce indecision and insecurity
  • Get a treatment and give a treatment
  • Receive your Align’d Foundations “Certificate of Completion”
  • Access to our private Facebook group (for graduates only)
  • Get community support, including ongoing updates and video instruction
  • Gain membership into the Align’d Advocate Program (and the many bonuses inside!)

Start the journey into your next level of results and success!

We have 2 options to access this course…

1.   Get the whole Foundations Program BUNDLE which includes the ONLINE COURSE and the LIVE LAB

The Align’d Foundations LIVE LAB opens 2 times per year –

Spring & Fall.

Book your spot now to join the next live, one-day session in

Milton, Ontario on Sunday, September 29th, 2024

for only $497 CAN

Book your spot!

2.   Simply get the Foundations Program ONLINE COURSE

We heard your requests and took them to heart which is why we created this version… so that you can learn at your own pace anytime, anywhere in the world!

You don’t have to be a practitioner – we designed this for personal use too.

for only $297 CAN

Get it Now

Next Steps – For those of you who want more and are raring to go…

  • After you’ve completed the ONLINE COURSE you can upgrade and add on the LIVE LAB portion at any time. This in-person intensive will give you guided, hands-on experience as both a patient and a practitioner. You will see AND feel measurable results.  $247 CAN
  • We’ve been told that every LAB is a fresh new experience because of the unique interactions with a different group of people and interesting fresh problems to solve. By popular demand, we welcome our Avid Aligners – Alumni who want to revisit and reconnect with new participants or to simply have a day of personal practice and treatment.  Alumni of the Foundations BUNDLE can join us to repeat the LIVE LAB for the bonus special rate of $100 CAN

Use the Align’d Approach with Clients!  With the completion of the Align’d Foundations ONLINE COURSE, the Foundations LIVE LAB and submission of 3 case studies, you can become an Align’d Foundations Practitioner (AFP)