5. Posturing

Communicate with Confidence and Charisma

How you position your body can also serve as an important part of body language.  The term posture refers to how we hold our bodies as well as overall physical form of an individual.  Posture can convey a wealth of information about how a person is feeling as well as reliable hints about personality characteristics such as whether a person is confident, open, or submissive.

Body language affects how others see and interact with us, but it also influences how you see yourself.  Communication of information in our body is expressed and conducted through posturing and movement patterns.  Psychologist and professor at Harvard, Amy Cuddy discovered that standing in a posture of confidence “power pose” changes your biochemistry; it influences testosterone and cortisol levels in the brain, even when not feeling confident initially.

In ALIGN we acknowledge that confidence is more than just a posture; it’s a stance, an internal mental conviction that helps us engage fully and with resilience.  Regardless of turmoil and fears (such as rejection) that can lead some people to withdraw, doubt or shy away, self-confidence allows us to be present.

In ALIGN, we view charisma as physical movement that is externally focused, not on what you communicate but rather how you communicate. “It’s your ability to pick up on other people’s emotions as well as express your own.” says Dr. Ronal E Riggio. Charismatic people have a stimulated autonomic nervous system when connecting with people: They are energized and attentive; they talk faster and more fluid; they gesture; they hold eye contact, smile and nod.

MIT computer scientist Alex Pentland PhD measures these characteristics that create a feedback loop of connection between people. Endorphins are released, mirror neurons activate, and genuine interest, intrigue and mutuality are established. Charisma projects a level of expertise, enthusiasm, and empathy.  It is a balance of movement between being socially magnetic while having good boundaries; it’s warm and vulnerable, energetic yet calm, strong and clear.

In face-to-face communication:

  • words account for 7% of the total message
  • tone of voice accounts for 38% of the total message
  • body language accounts for 55% of the total message

More powerfully yet, people intuitively and instantaneously develop accurate and reliable impressions in the first seconds of seeing you. Your body language can build, confirm or dispel those perceptions.  In ALIGN we encourage open posturing and movement that conveys purpose and signals success.

Hot Tip:  Due to the paralyzing of certain facial muscles, Botox results in a reduced capacity to feel the emotions of happiness that results from contraction muscles used for smiling.

LAB:  Practice your power poses and smiling.  See page 64 in the Workbook


                               Care                                                            Concern

Knock-Kneed – ValgusBow legged –  Varus
Solution: Rooted in Love Not CareSolution: Grounded in Respect Not Concern
Pulled in too farPulled out too far
Posture and formFunctional movement


  • Internal focus (valgus – knock kneed): You care too much about the opinions of others which can manifest as the shy wallflower. To be balanced confidence must be developed and improved posture is a result.
  • External focus (varus – bow legged): You are overly concerned about the welfare of others.  This creates separation instead of connection.  Balance by creating respectful charismatic connections with others and improved movement is a result.

Care and concern reveal our inner insecurity and worries which convey an element of inferiority or superiority, narcissism, egotistic tendencies of disrespect, pity, or judgement either of yourself or others.

The experience of feeling genuinely cared about in a relationship reduces the secretion of stress hormones and shifts the neuroendocrine system toward homeostasis.  If not for any other reason, can we do this for genuine love and respect of the gift of life?

The misaligned posture of the knees can lead to collapse or pressure in the pelvic floor.  This influences the kidney (a more in-depth understanding of this concept is visited in the ALIGN NeuroVisceral course).

In ALIGN there is an internal and external attachment associated with care and concern which is not supportive like love and respect is, which is liberating and balanced.


 “I think the most important question facing humanity is, ‘Is the universe a friendly place?’ This is the first and most basic question all people must answer for themselves.” – Albert Einstein

 “When we truly love we no longer believe our stressful thinking about ourselves, others or anything” – Byron Katie.



LAB: full squat: see page 67 in the Workbook



Measuring Waist Size for Healthy Proportion

Research studies reveal that your waist size is an important indicator of your overall health and function.  Achieving your ideal target will have a tremendous impact on longevity as well. It has been discovered that your risk of dying from any disease increases 7 – 9 % for every 2 inches your waist size exceeds the ideal.

Waist size is a predictor of your risk and outcome for: high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer, total brain volume in middle aged adults (which can lead to dementia, poor memory and cognitive testing as well as rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis also known as Degenerative Joint Disease). In the US alone, over 27 million adults have a diagnosis of OA.

A team who analyzed the health of over 300,000 people, found that measuring height and waist size was a better prognostic tool than body mass index (BMI).

Across many disease conditions and patient populations, people with more muscle mass do better and live longer, therefore being intentionally underweight with low muscle tone can also adversely affect health.  A recent term called “skinny fat” illustrates this point where these individuals have a low BMI but a high body fat to muscle mass ratio.

Visceral or belly fat releases a different set of hormones and chemicals that irritate tissues and can lead to inflammation, metabolic syndrome, decreased immune system and cardiovascular functions amongst other dysfunctions.  Regardless of our overall weight, belly fat is associated with a higher risk of premature death.

Ideal values for waist measurement are below but as a general guideline everyone should aim to keep their waist less than half of their height.


Height for WomenIdeal Waistline 39.5%Height for Men  Waistline 46%
5 feet 1 inch24 inches5 feet 5 inches30 inches
5’ 2”24.5”5’ 6”30.25”
5’ 3”24.75”5’ 7”30.75”
5’ 4”25.25”5’ 8”31.25”
5’ 5”25.75”5’ 9”31.75”
5’ 6”26”5’ 10”32.25”
5’ 7”26.5”5’ 11”32.75”
5’ 8”26.75”6’33”
5’ 9” – 5’ 10”27.25 – 27.75”6’ 2”34”
5’ 11” – 6’28 – 28.5”6’ 4”35”








Nutritional Foundations

energy input vs energy output

When we are looking at quality of life, energy, performance and overall health and function then we must consider great nutrition (input) and metabolism (output).                                                                .

You cannot ignore your food choices and supplementation if you plan to optimize both mental and physical health. The quality of your nutritional input can be seen in your vitality, youthfulness, physique, movement, power, focus and concentration.

As you increase the demands that you place on your body, attention to optimal, healthy intake becomes even more essential to maintaining vitality and stamina.  Stress, including working out, makes the rate of tissue repair and replacement even more challenging given our busy lifestyles. These days most people are confused and frustrated about what and when to eat.  Too often, they let poor eating habits and cravings control what goes into their mouth not realizing that in the long run this leads to depletion and eventually exhaustion.  When we are nutritionally bankrupt it’s easy to give up on any attempt of a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

Proper nutrition and hydration lead to cells which are plump and round with an even interstitial space around them. That structure permits good cellular communication and protection and allows nutrients and enzymes into the cell for efficient repair and replication. Unhealthy cells are distorted and sticky. This compromised integrity prevents optimal circulation, and the cell has a much more difficult time nourishing itself and getting rid of metabolic and chemical waste. When the cell can detoxify, replenish and cleanse itself more effectively, metabolic waste products are being released consistently leaving you leaner, stronger and energized.   

Nutrient Density

High density nutrition provides maximum amounts of nutrients with the lowest possible caloric value.  Unfortunately, most readily available foods that comprise the average Western diet are full of empty calories. Our brains have become addicted to these highly processed and engineered empty “foods” causing us to be run by a constant need to fill a void that is impossible to satisfy.  Another scenario occurs for those who become overly restrictive on a low-calorie diet but to the same effect – malnourishment from both calorie and nutrient restriction.

When the body doesn’t get the nutrients it needs, it remains hungry and continually craves more food. This is how you can wind up overweight and undernourished at the same time.  A vicious cycle is created when this state of stress cannot be combatted by the systems that are in place to do just that because they are starving.  This can lead to alterations in sleep patterns as well.  The downward spiral continues as the body heads into exhaustion mode.  Without an adequate supply of nutrition, we simply cannot function at our optimal capacity. It’s like trying to run a Porsche on 30-year-old, junkyard parts and low octane gasoline.  Our bodies need the equivalent of original factory manufactured parts and jet fuel.

What about those who use exercise to try and cover up their eating sins?  Recent studies reveal you cannot effectively out-train poor nutrition without health consequences and limited body transformation.  That being said 5 hours of purposeful exercise a week is most beneficial. 


Within the cells in your body is a set of life-sustaining chemical transformations. These reactions are catalyzed by enzymes and allow you to grow and reproduce cells by maintaining their structures and responding to their environment.  Your body gets the energy it needs from food through this constant process of breaking down and rebuilding.  Most enzymes are proteins and are important for digestion of food, synthesis of DNA, nervous system and immune system health, building and repairing muscle etc.

Your unique basal metabolic rate BMR can be discovered using specific formulas, but in general, most normal adults’ BMR will require somewhere around 1,200 to 1,800 calories per day.

We can influence our metabolic efficiency by improving the effectiveness of our:

  • Lean muscle mass: muscle burns the most calories of any tissue in the body. It is essential to maintain lean muscle mass as we age and yes, it is possible.
  • Exercise: high intensity, high resistance
  • Hormones: examples include thyroid stimulating hormone, insulin, growth hormone, testosterone, leptin, ghrelin and cortisol
  • Nervous system: epinephrine/adrenaline and norepinephrine/noradrenalin
  • Food: adaptogens, antioxidants and high protein, high fiber foods
  • Intermittent fasting; age; illness and temperature
  • Increased joint range of motion while walking will increase since your basal metabolic rate is determined by the electrical activity of the muscles. The amount of flowing electricity is also dependent on how flexible your muscles are.

Metabolic Syndrome is a cluster of conditions that includes increased blood pressure, a high blood sugar level, excess body fat around the waist and abnormal cholesterol levels that occur together.  These symptoms increase your risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes and are typically linked to insulin resistance. The Mayo Clinic cites that Metabolic Syndrome is primarily caused by obesity and inactivity.


“If you don’t do anything to replace the lean muscle you lose, you’ll increase the percentage of fat in your body,” says Edward R. Laskowski, M.D., a physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist at Mayo Clinic, Rochester


Nutritional Cleansing and Replenishing 

You need a nutritional system and well-balanced diet that addresses all of your body’s needs.   This means adopting a whole, superfood nutrition and hydration program that covers all your bases.  You need an optimal ratio of macronutrients (protein, fat and carbohydrates) coupled with the right balance of micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) from organic and pure sources.  The result is a stockpile of nutrients so that every cell now has the resources and access to the building blocks it needs for energy, growth and repair.  A comprehensive list includes prebiotics, probiotics, enzymes, amino acids, peptides, adaptogens, phytonutrients, botanicals and telomere support that are all BIOAVAILABLE. 

Performance Evolution is Aligned with Isagenix™ because its nutrition products and systems provide exceptional body transformation by means of Nutritional Rebalancing using organically sourced or purified products designed to enhance cleansing and replenishing. There is no one magic bullet ingredient. It took over 10 years to source a company that we could match our expectations which included Metagenics previously, but we prefer the Isagenix systems approach and accessibility to pharmaceutical grade products for everyone.

 **Please note: While we are asked daily what we use and recommend and are delighted to share and have a team of coaches to work individually with your nutritional supplementation please know we will NEVER force any company or products on anyone or down anyone’s throats. It is simply what we use and rely on for supplementation. The choice is always yours, but we do recommend you choose something, because balanced nutrition is a cornerstone of optimal health, recovery, fitness and performance. 

Why did we choose it? Because of all the factors that influence your unique performance abilities:  lean muscle mass, quality sleep, energy, mental focus and clarity, endurance stamina, agility, alkalinity, and strength you can rest assured all elements crucial to your success have been addressed by the scientific formulators at Isagenix for the average person as well as the elite athlete.

Now you don’t need to have a PhD in biochemistry or exercise and nutritional physiology – the Isagenix scientists and formulators have got you covered. With it, those days of worrying and obsessing are gone. Adopting this exceptional nutritional routine as part of a well-balanced diet won’t leave you guessing, and the results will prove to you that it works.

There are countless studies showing that by simply increasing essential fatty acids, vitamin and mineral intake and your protein (we only recommend sources from grass-fed animals or that are plant based) you can promote mental clarity, weight loss, boost your immunity, reduce stress, lower risk of cancer and other diseases, combat depression, lower blood pressure, reduce cravings, increase energy levels, improve sleep, and regulate digestion. Given the results, it’s no wonder that many experts now advise that an all-round pharmaceutical grade supplementation program, in conjunction with a healthy diet.

In our modern environment, toxins exist in nearly everything. Babies are now born with more than 200 toxins in their little bodies!  Industrial foods contain harmful chemicals, dyes, additives and preservatives. Nutritional cleansing simply helps your body rid itself of toxins naturally. How? Again, by combining maximum nutrition (IsaLean® Shake) with the natural cleansing ability Cleanse For Life® which uses the whole leaf of aloe as one of its ingredients and replacing 70+ ionic trace minerals, Ionix supreme rebalances and invigorates the stressed systems in your body, which is simply a perfect engine that needs the right fuel to perform optimally and naturally—is able to rid itself of what it doesn’t need. Our modern, nutritionally bankrupt diet doesn’t deliver the perfect ingredients for your body to do that. Isagenix® does. 

Isagenix® Benefits

  1. Bioavailability, it provides easily digestible and absorbable nutrients; many ingredients absorb in seconds.
  2. Convenient and easy to follow.
  3. High quality ingredients – for instance, the shakes are made with superior quality healthy fats, fiber and un-denatured grass-fed protein, enzymes, vitamins and 70 ionic trace minerals and have a great carb profile.
  4. NSF certified and trusted by professional athletes, Olympians, fitness competitors and trainers looking for the cutting-edge and who are extremely selective about the quality being put into their body.
  5. Isagenix ensures that it is free of all microbial, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, hormones, antibiotics, chemicals i.e. PCB’, dioxins and heavy metals, genetically modified impurities*. All label claims are met, and what they say is in it at the highest levels. The ingredients are bioactive and organic, and when not possible, they are purified and rigorously tested.
  6. Cost efficient: It can be difficult and expensive to create a maximum nutrition diet based on what is found in today’s grocery stores. And anyone who has shopped in health food stores knows it’s certainly not inexpensive. Isagenix® greens and fruits are a great example for cost comparison, as they give you the nutritional equivalent of 5-10 servings of an incredible variety of organic vegetables or fruits for a little more than $1.50 a serving. You would have to spend about $15 at an organic salad bar to get that amount of nutrition… and that would be a LOT of food to sit down and eat! Similarly, the Ionix supreme tonic is perfect for combating the effects of stress and fatigue.  It contains potent herbal ingredients found in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and Ayurvedic medicine such as ashwagandha, ginseng, licorice root, rhodiola, maca not typically found on your average grocery shelf. Among them are herbs and natural substances—some of them quite rare—that provide powerful adaptogenic and antioxidant properties.
  7. Money-back guarantee.

We recognize implicitly that food is a drug and that people’s “junk” can come up when feeling challenged to change and improve nutrition habits.  For many it’s a lifeline.  We will address these defensive, survival mode behaviors and “toxic” relationships with food in future courses, but for now it is fascinating to acknowledge the clues they provide in our personal performance evolution.  We will also look at how we use food as a drug to either stimulate or numb out and how it can become a powerful addiction and not simply used as nutrition in future courses. 

“Obesity is known to cause changes to the immune system, boosting inflammation in the body. This increased inflammation may impact the brain and lead to a vicious cycle, where the obesity leads to inflammation, which damages certain parts of the brain, which in turn leads to more disinhibited eating and more obesity,” said study researcher Dr. Antonio Convit, of the New York University School of Medicine.


STUDY: Isagenix 30 Day Cleanse vs Heart Healthy Diet – The study found that subjects on Isagenix products had greater reductions in body weight, an astonishing 2 pounds more visceral fat loss as seen on MRI, and cardiovascular risk factors compared to those on a heart-healthy diet. The study found that overweight women on Isagenix lost 56% more weight, 47% more body fat, twice as much visceral body fat, and showed a greater reduction in oxidative stress and cardiovascular risk markers. The UIC study was published in two high-profile, peer-reviewed journals Nutrition & Metabolism and Nutrition Journal. In addition, it received a prestigious award in obesity research at the American Society for Nutrition (ASN) 2013 meeting at the Experimental Biology conference.

“What I found most intriguing at first was the adherence of the Isagenix group; they seemed to adhere better because of the convenience factor of the Isagenix system. Also, the Isagenix group lost more weight and more fat (especially visceral fat); and the blood chemistry looked wonderful. Isagenix people just seemed happier. Also, the satiety (or fullness) aspect; people didn’t feel motivated to binge after a shake or cheat on the diet because they really did find those shakes quite filling, so I was pretty impressed with that. That is the main reason that I am even testing out these diets is for adherence” Krista Varady, Ph.D., the lead investigator of the study, is a prolific researcher at the University of Illinois at Chicago’s College of Applied Sciences with more than 30 peer-reviewed research publications. She has a Ph.D. in nutrition from McGill University—one of the top universities in Canada. Dr. Varady has devoted much of her time to investigating the ability of weight-management strategies to decrease cardiovascular disease risk and is one of the pioneers in research on alternate-day and intermittent fasting.

STUDY: Skidmore College Study – Showed that the Isagenix system had superior results when compared to a traditional heart-healthy diet.

Phase 1: (0- 11 weeks) All subjects followed the Isagenix 30-DaySystem, including two meal replacements and a 400–600 calorie meal, with additional IsaLean® Bars and Ageless Essentials Daily Pack.  Results showed an average of 24 lb weight loss plus the following improvements:

  • 17% decrease in body fat     9% increase in lean muscle mass
  • 44% increase in toxins released 33% decrease in visceral fat

Phase 2: (11 weeks – 12 months) Isagenix Maintenance vs. Heart-Healthy Diet Maintenance.  Half the participants continued in the study by following a heart-healthy diet the other continued with at least 1 IsaLean® meal replacement per day, and 1–4 Cleanse Days per month.

The results after 1 year: Isagenix group experienced

  • Continued Weight Loss
  • 4 x more Fat Loss than heart healthy diet
  • 4 x more Lean Muscle Mass
  • Increased Metabolism 2x more
  • 3X more toxins released
  • *1 year study concluded November 2014

Link to study results chart


Regulating Balance

Balance is achieved through dynamic negotiation and accommodation.

Negotiation provides opportunity to check and weigh all angles and variables to determine what will functionally work best for you.

Centering is to focus the rapid release of all charged energy towards accomplishment of a goal. As described earlier, the anatomical center is the umbilicus, however you are not always moving from your center. When we are not, there is unnecessary wear and tear on your body because overall balance is affected which leads to compensation and recruitment.

Equalizers in the foot distribute and adjust the foot pressures more equally and proportionately. Our joints are not designed to be weight bearing. Your joints are the connections in the body where your bones come together. It is because of our joints that we can move our bodies in ways that allow us to do everything from walking, to writing, to turning our head, to doing high performance sports.  When joints become damaged or diseased, daily life can become painful and challenging.

Remember… as we walk, our eyes pick up visual information from our surroundings, and that is interpreted by the brain to help us maintain balance and keep from falling over. This feedback from the brain to the body helps regulate postural sway. Even in patients with quite severe

walking disorders, the center of mass velocity seems to be almost constant. Forward walking velocity is therefore essential to dynamic stability. Yet, another reason why we should walk more.

How do we optimize the posture and movement of the foundation of our bodies? We start with a balanced, stable foundation and then move optimally to strengthen – form and function.

  1. Develop our natural arch support by strengthening the musculature of the foot, which in turn will reactivate corresponding parts of the brain (foot rockers).
  2. Achieve center-point (pendulum swing).


Lateral Equalizers


LAB: Locate and Palpate your 7 Lateral Equalizers

 Lateral Equalizer Techniques

  1. Arcing

Palpate the arcing rhythm, if possible, between each equalizer medially and laterally. Can be done energetically like feeling a scale or teeter totter balance or use tissue drag in that direction. Choose your comfort level.

  1. Bridging Technique:

using one hand, connect each set of lateral equalizers one by one to each pivot point, the patellar tendon and the umbilicus with the other hand to enhance body mind connection and posture and movement communication. This is clarified in more detail in future ALIGN workshops.

  1. Inhibition technique

Basic introduction on how to use equalizers for joint stability and to provide support:  Pick a restricted joint and connect it with each equalizer point to see which one facilitates ease of movement. We will expand on this in further ALIGN workshops.

Watch the 3 Technique videos in Part B


Positive and Negative Motivators

Energy moves along the path of least resistance in the body.

By being able to understand and recognize the tendency towards a state of natural “flow,” we can bypass the creation of barriers, blocks and interference patters which distract and obstruct a more efficient and direct route. By creating support and space in the body, the room for improved movement and glide with least resistance is established.

Behaviors are how we respond to the action of any material under given circumstances as well as one’s actions towards others.

Through becoming responsible for our actions or inactions and being aware of those effects and consequences, the body can harness the momentum already achieved with our forward actions to accelerate or modify its drive towards success.

Grounding is our connection with the ground or earth and our interaction and response to our surroundings. It describes how well we are supported. When grounded we are capable of transforming our dreams, aspirations, ideas and thoughts into reality. It motivates and sets in motion the ability to act on our desires to create new positive change.

For this to occur most efficiently, we ground through a heightened awareness of the body’s connection with the physical ground as forces move through our anatomic center, the umbilicus (belly button).

Being ungrounded means that we are disconnected and unsupported in our environment. This state does not support the desired change and the mind runs in circles (“monkey mind”) without achieving or accomplishing anything or in extreme cases it ceases to set goals or dream at all.

Having desires and goals creates initiative. Goal-oriented behaviors motivate us towards fulfillment of our needs, to be valued, to belong, to have more meaningful experiences and to be inspired. These motivators are at the core of our actions or avoidances. In essence, humans are designed to move and movement towards success is the pivotal axis that propels and energizes each of us.


Foot Pivot Points

The foot functions as a sagittal plane pivot (front/back). When the human foot is unable to permit sagittal plane pivotal function, then muscle activity based on the McGeer principle of “perturbation assistance” will cause the “cost of function” to raise (Tad McGeer, PhD).  For bipedal gait to effectively evolve, it would require having feet, which work in the efficient rocker mode. The loss of the normal pivotal rockers causes the foot to assume a shape consistent with its functional requirements. This is a clear demonstration of Wolfe’s Law: Form follows Function (a persistent concept in ALIGN Systems) and results in alterations in the shape and abilities of the feet.

Newton’s Law of Acceleration: Acceleration of a body is proportional to the magnitude of the resultant forces on it and inversely proportional to the mass of the body. A greater force is required to stop the motion of a larger mass than a smaller one.

Torque is a measure of how much force acting on an object causes that object to rotate. The object rotates about an axis, which we call a pivot point. We cover these Dys-torsions in detail.

Function of pivot points:

Pivot points create vertical dimension or height in the body. They allow for our contact with the ground beneath us that support our motivators and actualization. They allow for mechanical glide with movement. They are associated with our body’s responses and movement (translation and rotation) in all planes.

Each one affects its own physiologic system as well as connects us to our feelings, behaviors, perceptions, attitudes, values and beliefs.

LAB: Locate and palpate your 6 Pivot Points  See page 72

Primary motivator of Feelings – PP1 NeuroMuscular

Primary motivator of Behaviors – PP2 NeuroVascular


Primary motivator of Perceptions – PP3 Genetic Expression


Primary motivator of Attitudes – PP4 NeuroVisceral


Primary motivator of Values – PP5 NeuroLymphatic


Primary motivator of Beliefs – PP6 NeuroFascial



Foot Form




Dorsum: the insertion of the Achilles Tendon onto the calcaneus. The angle at which the Achilles inserts into the calcaneus is used to measure cant alignment.

Rear foot: the subtalar joint, below the ankle allows the foot to rock from side to side and allows the heel to turn in and out in relationship to the legs and ground (inversion/eversion).  The heel pad and structure is designed to allow our foot to contact the ground and absorb the shock of impact by absorbing it into rotation.

Midfoot: The talo-navicular joint and calcaneo-cuboid joints together allow the arch to rise in response to subtalar movement. The tarsal bones work together as a group to allow for the foot to conform to the surface its contacting. These bones are very interesting in the way they fit together. When the foot is twisted one direction by the muscles of the foot and leg, these bones lock together and form a very rigid structure. When they are twisted in the opposite direction, they become unlocked. The arch formation provides support. Consider the architecture of a bridge to provide vertical support.

Forefoot: The metatarso-phalangeal joints form the ball of the foot. These joints bend when the heel leaves the ground to allow us to push off finally with our large toe (hallux).  Full range of movement in these joints is very important for a normal walking pattern. The big toe or hallus is the most important toe for walking and improper toe-off can be responsible for foot deformities.



Relationship Between Foot and Spine

When we make changes to the foot posturing and mobility, we also allow changes to occur in its corresponding areas on the trunk and head! More corresponding connections will be covered in advanced courses.

Form vs Function: a Summary


The following chart shows the differences and contrasts…

Posture / StructureMovement / Mechanics
Proportion and SymmetryTranslation and Rotation
Horizontal DimensionVertical Dimension
Being Supported and StableRealistic Expectations
Focus (gathering energy)Motivation (actualizing)
Lateral equalizers (balance)Pivot Points (glide)
Internal RelationshipsExternal Relationships
Centering (contractive)Growth (expansive)

form and function as a matter of reference.


Benefits of the ALIVE Foundation Protocol

The ALIVE Protocol is our basic signature first step after measurement.  The goal is to connect all of the systems in the body to encourage communication and energy flow.  It is recommended that you repeat this session 3 times with clients to see a more noticeable effect.


  1. To create the ideal platform and structure in the body for overall support and stability.
  2. Opens the body to receive, use and release energy to create your desired change effectively. This halts disengagement and lack of focus and concentration.
  3. Allows you to connect and be nourished deeply by the earth (feet) humanity and objects (hands) The world and universe around you (head)
  4. Allows you to hold onto and even improve upon those transformations progressively.

When there is lack of support whether it is physical, mental, emotional, people will often waver in their confidence and sabotage their choices or become submissive and get sucked into that care and concern model that drains our energy. Understand that support comes from everywhere and we want you to feel that it doesn’t just come from family or friends or colleagues or money or anything outside of us, although it does become aligned in those areas too when we no longer choose self-defeat. Support is internal; it’s your ability to feel connected; that you belong. It’s even bigger than you – it’s the earth you walk on that never gives way even when you jump and even when you build a house on it or a skyscraper – it holds you. It’s in the air that surrounds you; it’s really, really hard to stop breathing, (sure some people limit that resource) but it’s constant, it permeates through you, even when you sleep.

The benefits of becoming more stable and supported:

* You don’t collapse under pressure and stress.

* You hold positive changes and build on them as your durable and stable platform. No          more yo-yo results that aren’t lasting.

* Liberates you from self-restraints and suffering. It gets you connected!

* Energizes and inspires you into action and creation mode.

* Supports growth in all areas, with new ability to overcome limiting beliefs and challenges.

* Reduces resistance, compensation and conflict.

Approx. 30-45 minutes in total. The Alive Protocol is essential for people to be able to hold results in any other area. In ALIGN we don’t do any other bodywork without doing this first.

Being Alive is about living energetically, ecstatically and vivaciously with such abundance and exuberance that that spirit of life radiates from you. Because it is pure you! Its love, it’s fascinating and truly blessed. Enjoy the experience and all its revelations.