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Get instantaneous measurable results so you can see yourself differently in the world, in your relationships, and in the mirror!

Finding and resolving your body’s unique restrictions and compensations will not only reduces stiffness, aches, and pains, it will give you a personal and professional physical advantage.

Cambridge ON
Helene June RMT Align'd Practitioner

Hélène June


Helene June had been a practicing Massage Therapist for 10 years when her repetitive strain injury almost made her leave the profession. She then found the Align’d Approach which first resolved her pain and then revived the Align’d teaching program because she needed to learn how to do it herself. It checked all the boxes to support her clients’ overall wellbeing in their day to day lives. It improves posture and core engagement and restores the body to peak physical performance. Its kid-friendly style helps her get phenomenal results working with children. And by the way, she’s bilingual.

20 Abbotsford St
Cambridge Ontario
N1R 7S8

Cambridge ON
Virginia Springer RMT Align'd Practitioner

Virginia Springer


I was introduced to the Align’d Approach when a colleague came back from an appointment with her nagging and persistent injury solved and I HAD to know how she did it. At first, I pursued Align for professional reasons but it also has impacted my own personal evolution. The Align’d Approach awakened something amazing in me that I had always been searching for in all of the many courses and modalities that I’d studied and used in my 25-year career as a Massage and Manual Therapist. And once I knew HOW my next obsession became to teach others and I hope to share this with you at the next Foundations class.

Tri-City Natural Health Care Centre
528 King St E
Cambridge, Ontario
N3H 3N2

Carrie-Lee Hofman Align'd Practitioner

Carrie Lee Hofman


Being a client AND a practitioner of the Align Approach has been one of the greatest blessings in my life. It has helped to transform my body, my mindset, and my spiritual relationships. I have overcome the battle with obesity, depression, and severe anxiety. At one time I had bursitis in my hips so painfully inflamed I could barely walk I decided I needed to make a choice my life or my bad habits; I lost 70 pounds and gained my life back.

My goal is to help as many people globally live the life that they have dreamed of – To be free from physical pain and free from mental barriers that hold them back too.

Amanda Little RMT Align'd Practitioner

Amanda Little

RMT, AMP (in process)

Having sustained a severe injury as a competitive equestrian, I quickly learned how important it is to ensure my body and mindset received the proper treatment to help support my rehabilitation. The Align’d Approach was recommended to me for my physical pain, but I also needed confidence to get back on my horse again. I loved it so much that I made it my career. I can understand first hand my individual clients’ unique rehabilitation needs to help them overcome their obstacles and optimize their function.

Dana Monette RMT

Dana Monette

RMT, AMP – Developer Be Align’d

Every single moment of our VIRTUAL time together on ZOOM will be devoted to finding and conquering your unique challenges, struggles and inner conflicts to create physical and mental breakthroughs. We will uncover your hidden resistance to stress and success (that we all have!) and then we work out the kinks and remove those obstacles. You will apply new strategies to un-learn, un-ravel and un-hypnotize those unwanted behaviours and patterns in both your movement and mindset to create new possibilities and improved performance that keep your mind and body focused on a new vision and clear goals.

Newmarket & York Region
Kiersten Brooks Align'd Practitioner

Kiersten Brooks


From a young age I struggled to have my abilities meet my expectations. I had beaten myself down mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. I found a new way to live and began my journey of healing. Even still, I suffered with chronic ankle and neck pain which hadn’t resolved until going through the Align’d Academy. This helped me align myself in all aspects – to overcome old injuries, gain flexibility and clear my mind. I even use this approach on my animal friends! Now I can play my sports pain free and without fear of repeating an injury. As a dancer and teacher I can show my students the easiest way to move with their bodies instead of against them. I love helping others so they can strive to be their best in a way that’s healthy


Colleen Walsh

BSc, RMT, AMP (in process)

Health and Wellness is her passion, is an understatement. Colleen grew up an athlete and devoured everything she could study about wellness. She has a Phys.Ed degree from the University of Western, which led her to Switzerland and the Grinberg Method. She returned to Canada to become an RMT and learned some more modalities (NISA Neuromuscular Integrative Structural Alignment, Shiatsu, and Cranial Sacral Therapy) until she fell in love with the Align’d Approach and practices what she preaches.  Colleen shares her time between Kincardine in the summer and Collingwood in the winter so that she can spend her spare time on the water and the slopes.

Greater Toronto Area
Crystal Alves-Tusim Align'd Practitioner

Crystal Alves-Tusim

AMP (in process)

With an immense passion for musical theatre and 30+ years in the dance industry as an adjudicator, choreographer and dance teacher, I have developed a comprehensive understanding of body alignment and movement. My experience in this industry has made it key for me to promote both emotional health as well as physical alignment to prevent injury, create space, and maintain balance within the body. Now, as a certified Align Systems Practitioner (in process) I am thrilled to have the tools and experience to help you bring your Mind and Body back into alignment for optimal performance in every aspect of your life.

Milton & Ancaster
Sheryl Gill BSc RMT

Sheryl Gill

BSc, RMT, AMP – Director Be Align’d

Where in your body and mindset do you crave freedom? We’ll discover the restrictions flying under your radar, the barriers getting in your way and iron out the wrinkles. You will get your own menu of strategies to take with you to stay on track all while in the comfort of your own space.

Vaughan ON
Melissa Labreche Align'd Practitioner

Melissa Labreche


Melissa has always had a deep interest in the human body and a passion for helping others. Whether volunteering or co-chair of a Wellness Committee, she has been on the Health and Healing path from the start. After graduating with an Honours degree in Human Kinetics she was an instructor of Nutrition at Cambrian College, an Owner of a fitness facility and continued her studies in health education.

After relocating and opening two successful businesses, Melissa witnessed instant and measurable results with the Align’d Approach. She delved back into her passion and enrolled into the Align Academy. Focusing on the root cause, rather than temporary relief, Melissa will help to restore bodies back into power, health, and grace.

Caitlin McCauley Align'd Practitioner

Caitlin McCauley

AMP (in process)

Sometimes people have a sense of hopelessness, that they will just have to endure the pain that has been nagging them for years. The expression of relief on my clients when they are no longer suffering is what fuels my fire. Seeing the excitement on their faces, when they now believe they have a chance at a life with less suffering is magical.