Get a new perspective on potential!

Take yourself & your clients to a place of higher performance

Get a new perspective on potential!

Take yourself & your clients to a place of higher performance

Break the pain paradox!

It’s time to bring an end to confusion and pain-chasing.

Say goodbye to restrictions and hello to a collective sigh of relief!

If you’re a massage therapist, athletic therapist, trainer, fitness enthusiast, physiotherapist, acupuncturist or aspiring practitioner wanting to realize better results and greater success for yourself, your practice and your clients, you’re in the right place!


No longer does pain have to be a mystery. Now it’s about math and measurements!

The Align’d Approach is strategically designed to help you and your clients get fast, effective, measurable improvements in physical pains and mental strains.
Get ready to awaken total body transformation!

This high-performance training system designed to offer achievers, athletes or anyone who aspires to reach new heights of performance a powerful, proven step-by-step method to correct posture, movement and mindset.

Straightforward and comprehensive, the Align’d Approach will teach you how to break down old painful or dysfunctional posture and movement problems, in order to unlock and optimize your body’s ultimate capacity to get true breakthroughs with your clients.

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Most people suffering from misalignment issues don’t even know it, though they are feeling the ramifications in their body and lives.

You want to help your clients in every way possible, though you can find yourself stumped by their pain.

You need results beyond what any “one-size-fits-all” method has been able to deliver.

The Align’d Approach provides the individual-specific solutions and is backed by 60 years of study & research. Best of all, it allows you to work with the whole picture—all 13 systems encompass every individual’s body and unique mindset.

This system of posture and movement correction is your road map to discovering and decoding physical and mental challenges, taking the guess work out of pain-solving.

Now you can know precisely what isn’t working and deliver the correct protocol to restore optimal alignment. The result: your best posture and movement, and a whole lot more confidence!

Do it

Get ready to discover what you and your clients are truly capable of when you discover freedom of movement and mind!

You can help your clients find the confidence and fortitude to walk through their days feeling capable of taking on life, athletics, business visions, relationship and lifestyle goals, and all their dreams, big and small.

All modalities fit within 13 different systems. None of us have had access to that whole picture...until now!

Do it for your clients, discover it for yourself!

For many of our certified practitioners, joining Align’d began as a vision to further their professional career. What resulted was inspiring personal transformation as they stepped out of the shadows or darkness and into their brilliant selves!

Join us in our 2-STEP CERTIFICATION and get ready to embark on an extraordinary journey of improving your inner game, so you can take on your business and life with greater capacity and confidence, while empowering your clients do the same!

Workshops for Practitioners

Step 1: The Align’d Foundations Course

Give yourself and your clients access to their ultimate high-performance capacity and the confidence to take on every aspect of life.

This ONE-DAY LIVE WORKSHOP will provide you with a powerful understanding of how mindset and movement need to be balanced and aligned for optimal health.

Grab your spot!

Step 2: Certification with The Align’d Academy

Take your Foundations certification to new heights and dive deep into the science of performance, posture, movement and mindset.

In the 6-MONTH ALIGN’D ACADEMY CERTIFICATION PROGRAM, we teach you the 13 specific systems that guide you to the root cause of your clients’ performance and pain problems.

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What our Practitioners are saying…

About 5 years ago, I injured my wrist, arm and neck. As a therapist I worried that if I told my clients that I was in pain that I would look weak and I feared that I would loss clients. I tried several different therapies and spent a large amount of money trying to feel better, but nothing worked. I got extremely concerned and discouraged that my dream job was coming to an end. After 2 treatments with the Align’d Approach, I was pain free for two weeks and over a short period of time I was pain free from my injury.

Hélène June, RMT, ASP

I am so happy I discovered Align’d! I am an avid learner and you simply can’t compare The Align’d Approach with other courses. The changes with this system are totally different—the results are better, more consistent and reliable, and easier to achieve. My clients are astonished by the change they see!

Vanessa Brown, RMT, ASP

That “darkness” I have been carrying around inside me is gone, no negative thoughts. Now I can't stop smiling. Why not choose to live pain free, physically and emotionally?! The mentoring, love, and support I have gotten from both Dana and Sheryl has resulted in my life being change for the better!

Amanda Little, RMT

The Align’d Approach is an advanced approach to manual therapy that I’ve not come across in any other health care profession during my 25 year career of constant searching. At first, I pursued Align’d for professional reasons as a therapist, but now it has become my own personal evolution.

Virginia L. Springer, R.M.T., ASP

As a practitioner of The Align’d Approach, I am always amazed at the shifts that occur in my clients’ bodies and the changes it creates in people's lives. I feel blessed to have come across this system. I have studied a lot of healing modalities and this is by far the most powerful one yet! There is magic in this system that is beyond words.

Jenny Hollings, ASP

After 15 years of chronic upper back and neck pain and frequent headaches, I finally experienced corrective, long term relief - no headaches, improved energy, less muscle tension, corrected posture - month after month after month. I have only tapped the surface. I am thankful I can always reach out to my Align'd family for answers or guidance.

Jessica Dann RMT, ASP

Start with a PEP talk!

Every single PEP Talk is devoted to finding and conquering your own unique inner conflicts, challenges and struggles both personally and professionally.

Our Performance Evolution Program, is designed to create a shift in mindset by applying new strategies to un-learn and un-ravel your unwanted behaviors now.

Popular topics include body image, confidence, career dissatisfaction, lacking passion, motivation or direction, relationship needs, burnout, overwhelm and even boredom.

Download one or all of these self-coaching modules right now so you can step out of your own shadow and maximize your success without minimizing YOU!

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Say goodbye to pain-chasing and hello to greater confidence!

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