Improve your inner game

...and take on your outer terrain with more capacity, confidence and calmness.

Improve your inner game

...and take on your outer terrain with more capacity, confidence and calmness.

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The discovery of ideal movement and mindset

What’s keeping you or your clients from surpassing your current success set-point? The beliefs that are built into your body and brain can make you or break you.

Do your body and mind shine their brilliance, or are you defeated by pain, struggle or suffering?

If you’re ready to awaken your ultimate high-performance capacity, we can help!

Change your performance capacity through a change in belief.


We’ve been taught that the answers come from our heads, and if we read the right books and think the right thoughts, we’ll succeed in our chosen endeavors and be happy.

At Align’d, we know that the answers live in our bodies. The symptom, the hurt, the pain, the struggle and the suffering that we see or feel are telling us something.

A limiting belief translates into a mental and physical constraint.

Unlock the mind and you unlock the body.

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Experiences—the good, the bad and the ugly—can grow you, liberate you, energize you and create capacity and fulfillment beyond expectations. Sometimes you need a helping hand to get you through your inner pain, struggle and suffering – someone to decode the answers you are seeking for yourself and your clients.

The Align’d Approach puts you back into balance. It is mathematical and practical. Measurable and precise. Visual and consistent. Scientific and savvy.

No longer do any of us need to overcomplicate health and well-being. Let us help you distill what previously seemed difficult and transform the intangible to tangible.

Balance is not random. Through the body, we can access our own wisdom via our experience, awareness and connectedness. When you tune into the beliefs, patterns and behaviors that are holding you back, you can turn on your high-performance capacity!

Do it

The Align’d Approach is designed to help you and your clients go from breakdown to breakthrough.

Our method is the culmination of 60 years of training and practical experience that get results consistently with athletes, achievers and the average Joe and Jane too!

Discover a whole new you from the bottom up and the inside out! Step into the version of yourself that you’ve only dreamed of being.

Welcome to the training that will transform your body and life...

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Workshops for Coaches

Movement & Mindset Mastery

Access the strategies and take away the tools that empower you and your clients to reach those big heights!

Join us for the 6-WEEK VIRTUAL MOVEMENT & MINDSET MASTERY training and unlock your high-performance capacity by uncovering and mastering the “stuff” that’s been holding you back mentally and physically, personally and professionally.

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The Align’d Foundations Course

Give yourself and your clients access to their ultimate high-performance capacity and the confidence to take on every aspect of life.

The Foundations Course delivers all of the foundational concepts of The Align’d Approach in a ONE-DAY LIVE WORKSHOP. Walk away with a powerful understanding of how mindset and movement can be balanced and aligned for optimal health.

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What our clients are saying…

I am a massage therapist who developed chronic low back pain and I was seeking a solution. WOW! Is what keeps coming to my mind when I reflect back on what I got from taking the foundational Align’d course. It not only resolved my discomfort and provided lasting relief from my physical pain, but what I love best is that it actually opened my mind, changed my old stuck patterns.

Loriann McPhee, RMT

The lasting and meaningful lifestyle change from Align’d has helped me identify those barriers that previously prevented me from accomplishing my goals and reaching new heights. I can now glide through those blocks to take on new challenges and make significance progress both personally and professionally (enhanced self-awareness, personal agency, centeredness, fitness, and interpersonal relationships) and professionally (have a vibrant and successful health practice, superior decision-making skills and resourcefulness). Thank you, Dana, for helping me seize the power of my potential and re-claiming my strengths and hence live a life that is highly productive, balanced and fulfilling.

Dr. Pejman Ferdowsian, HBSC MD

Start with a PEP talk!

Every single PEP Talk is devoted to finding and conquering your own unique inner conflicts, challenges and struggles both personally and professionally.

Our Performance Evolution Program, is designed to create a shift in mindset by applying new strategies to un-learn and un-ravel your unwanted behaviors now.

Popular topics include body image, confidence, career dissatisfaction, lacking passion, motivation or direction, relationship needs, burnout, overwhelm and even boredom.

Download one or all of these self-coaching modules right now so you can step out of your own shadow and maximize your success without minimizing YOU!

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