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September 30 – October 25, 2024

The B Project:  Blissful Brains & Balanced Bodies

Say goodbye to the beliefs and behaviours that are holding you back and keeping you stuck. The B project is a step-by step,  online experience  that will catapult your bodies back into balance, and your brains back into bliss. Discover a whole new you from the bottom up and the inside out without yo-yo results.


Welcome to the program that will transform your body,

your behaviours, and your life.

The B project was born as a companion to our book, The Align’d Approach.  From all of your beautiful feedback, it became apparent that the end of the book was actually a new beginning and the catalyst for The B Project- a bridge for your own personal transformation from A to B.

Our book began with the chapter Imbalance is Not Random, because we noticed everyone was searching for balance like it is some elusive pipe-dream, yet being in balance is our natural state.  Right now, wherever you are, you can rest assured that everything is in balance.

Balance is not some abstract or vague concept. It is homeostasis, the process by which we use information about our external environment to regulate our internal environment to maintain stability that is necessary for survival.  We live in a universe based on order. Everything follows specific laws that result in patterns that can be seen in nature as well as your body.  Whenever your body is pulled out of kilter, you must constantly work to shift back into balance but at a cost – exhaustion, pain, tightness, weakness, irritation and injury.  We sacrifice proper movement and posture ultimately leading to poor performance and ability from wear and tear.

Young woman with apple on her head

Ironically, most programs, practitioners and people don’t even consider the significance that having an unstable stable foundation has on one’s overall  quality of life.  Stability is both an essential and fundamental ingredient to your health and overlooking this causes a lot of predictable problems and pressures for people.  Fast forward to the final chapter where readers discovered that your brains are “hardwired for bliss, ” it’s programmed into your biology.  So discovering what effectively pulls us back into alignment when we deviate or get knocked off course must be prioritized to support all healthy transformations.

Step into the version of yourself that you’ve only dreamed of being – a Beautiful, well-Balanced, Blissful you.

What you’ll get…

The Project B 4-week online program includes:

  • Daily topic that coincides with a weekly chapter theme.
    Weekly group Q&A call
  • Access to our private Facebook group
  • Get community support, including ongoing updates and video instruction
  • Discounted rate on PEP Talks and Movement, Mindset, Mastery.
  • Increase mental focus to get the most out of your work, studies and athletic endeavors
  • Improve your confidence and charisma
  • Discover greater balance and peace of mind
  • Feel less pressure and stress in your day-to-day life
  • Move with agility, power and grace, no matter your age.
  • Find relief from burnout, performance anxiety or frustration
  • Restore areas affected by trauma, injuries and stress
  • Relieve pain and discover better natural posture
  • Look and feel more youthful and radiant
  • Move with agility, power and grace, no matter your age
  • Bring back stability and “bouncebackability” to prevent you from collapsing under pressure
  • Overcome the barriers that keep you in resistance and avoidance
  • Reignite that fire in your belly that makes you feel fully alive, creative and energetic

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Until January 1st, 2023

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